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Show Up Anyway!

Dear Black Girl.....

You Are Appreciated

You Are Great

You Are Talented

Even when things change or don’t go as planned Still Show Up!

Last week I had a photo shoot , I know when you hear the word photoshoot you think of Fun right? Right, well not for me, when I hear those two words "Photo and Shoot" I instantly think "OMG I have to find something to wear" "What website or store should I look in first?"............ Not this time the first day of the new year I made a vow to myself to not buy anything to put on my body or my feet, to make it simple 🗣No Clothes or Shoes Quiana... Sooooooooooo

My Group and I decided on the color green, good I thought, I have the perfect green suit, I have tons of shoes and accessories, yea I had that in the bag. I tried everything on and life as I knew it was perfect, until the day of the photoshoot.

The morning of the shoot, everything went left. I forgot to make a make-up appt. so I had to do my own, make-up came out great but it messed up my shirt, I found another shirt Boom problem solved, NOT the shirt was too small, looking for my shoes, I couldn't find them had to find another pair. I'M Not Going is what I thought in my head... Nevertheless I couldn’t let my team down so I showed up anyway!

One of the best shoots ever! Here's the thing it wasn’t the makeup, the outfit, the shoes, or the other people that made the pictures... It was ME!

Always show up as the best version of You and things will always be what they were intended to be Perfect!

oh P.S.......... I Love You

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