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Annnnnnd The Graduates and Community Leaders are.............

On December 10, 2023 Dear Black Girl celebrated Cohort 6 during our annual Graduation Ceremony! During this ceremony we also celebrated leader of our community who have not only created a pathways for themselves, but have also created a way to pull others along with them, advancing, education, health, fashion, social initiatives, and healing forward, for our Black and Brown communities. Dear Black Girl is not only an organization that caters to, and assists with the stabilization and rehabilitation of Black Women and Women of Color, but we encourage the path of entrepreneurship, intrepreneurship, and education.

Our Community Awards went out to:

  • Mincy Pollock of The Pollock Group

  • Armenious Patterson of Audacious By Armenious

  • Gabriel Roziers of Young Black and Wealthy

  • Devin D. Coleman of Devin D. Coleman and Assosiates and Durkeville Media

  • Dr. Trachella Foy MD of Baptist Primary Care

  • Dee Wilcox of Annie Rue Foundation

  • Coach J Dianne. Tribble of At The Table Coaching

  • Monique Ross of LMonique Foundation

  • Char Allen of Cocktails of Sweetness

  • Janay White of J White Enterprises

  • Imani Johnson of Bethune Cookman University

These People have been monumental in the advancement of our communities and they are Honored, Appreciated, and Valued.

ppreciated, and Valued.

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