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Im Scared to Level Up!!

How many times have we all said "This is my season" "This is my time" "I'm about to Show out" Only to do NOTHING. It's more common than you think, and Sis you are not the only one! Oftentimes it's very hard to believe in something that we've never seen, which makes us retreat back to the old way or better yet, the "Comfortable" way of doing things..... why do we do that tho? maybe because we already know the outcome, or maybe we have control issues where if we can't see what happening next then nothings happening. Either way let's change our perspective!! Often times the very things that we are afraid of are the very things we can easily conquer, however we'll never know because we are Afraid to just do it! No worries I used to be just like you and had to find a way to just do it!

1 way was to surround myself with other folks who were striving or living in the some of the spaces i'm aspiring to reach. Another thing I tried and it worked was just challenging myself to do something different, I started small and just went for it, mind you i'm still scared but just showing up!

Networking Events, Lunch dates with new folks, and Different events were just some of the things that I stepped out on.

I was scared to level up until I wasn't, and once I stepped out it showed me that I could do just about all the things I thought I couldn’t. Let me tell you what.... I've been leveling up ever since!

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